I found this great parent support group on facebook, it was full of people who understood some of the things I deal with concerning my special needs kids. I’ve only been on it about a week so haven’t really made any friends but saw that as a possibility. Then I made a mistake and didn’t catch when facebook tag/linked with something I typed and I got banned. No question, no opportunity to correct, no way to message and say I was sorry and would be more careful. I felt like my chewie beads had been taken away because they aren’t allowed in class. I broke a rule. I admit that. It was an accident. I’m new there and not use to being so careful not to link when I post. I obviously wasn’t trying to sell anything or promote a group, I was answering a question and thought that I was helping the other parent. I spent a couple hours feeling like crud because I am indeed guilty and the rules clearly state it. I also would have expected just a little kindness and consideration in a special needs support group and perhaps the chance to explain. It made me feel in a way I haven’t since grade school. It made me sad and defenseless.
Then I logged back on to facebook after getting myself together (yep, I cried just a little) and the first thing I saw was this article.
Providence, I relate as both the mother and child. If I don’t fit their group, it’s okay there are others.


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