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I LOVE to browse the gallery and tell people the things I like best about their pages. I’ve tried being a CT and I’m really not very good at it (I get confused with too many places to post and link) but I really enjoy being a Lovebird at STS and a SugarCookie at GS.
Recently the lead Lovebird at STS has had real life interfere with her time online and I was offered to be the lead. I said, “what the heck, I’ll try” and today I got the email that it’s offical.
Oh my, what did I get myself into? I’m excited and scared. I think that it’s very important that people know not only that you saw their work but what you like about it. I have 5 boys and a husband so I don’t get much besides “that’s nice” when I show them what I spent an hour or more making. It feels like a huge responsibility to me even though it really won’t take me much more time.
BUT there are only 2 of us currently so I need to figure out how to do a “call” for more people to join the team. I’m also going to learn how to track what other people are doing and make coupons. It’s going to be a good thing, but it’s a scary thing. Wish me luck!


A Year in the Life is a P52 project unlike any other! This is a monthly project that’s a little different from the usual. Basically what you’ll get is everything you need to create your weekly pages, like journal cards and tags, as well as an editable QP and the elements and papers used in that QP. What is an editable QP? Well, it’s like a template, except that you can use the QP as is, or change anything (or everything) you want. Use the elements and papers provided or add in your own elements from your favorite kits. Each month coordinates with the last, so at the end of the year you’ll have a huge coordinated set. The whole idea is to keep it simple, so you’ll actually do it!

The February edition features two 12×12 QP templates, various elements used on the pages, 1 full alpha, as well as journal cards, speech bubbles, stickers, tabs, and tags in every color. Mix and match with the January set for even more variety. Both the February and January sets will be 30% off for the next week!



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Here are two example pages that you’ll get as quick pages, completely ready to use as-is. Change them up as little or as much as you like.



Here are a couple of CT pages that show so beautifully how these can be customized to your liking.

This page from Wendy uses the February set…

And this page from Yabby uses both January and February’s sets. She’s also customized the size of her page to suit her style of scrapping.

Happy scrapping!

Now if you haven’t checked out the great freebies yet this week you should head over to STS and see what is there.
STS Round 3 Extractions

After you’ve seen the submissions and decided which ones you like best, do these designers a favor and go vote for your favorite 3

And then while you are there check out the Play Along thread because some of the things in there are worth the minute it will take for you to look I promise (not mine but I’m a newbie and I’m proud of what I did but not over proud)

The contest has continued on without me and I’m a little relieved. I got so far behind on all my regular stuff but I still wanted to play along and there is a space to do that so all is right in my little world.
This week the contestants are doing extractions and the early submissions look fantastic!
Check them out and remember that they should all be there by Thursday morning.
STS Designer Darling Week 3
I did attempt some extractions but please remember that I don’t have the QC apps or practice and feel free to use the original pictures in the file to extract them properly yourself if you’d rather.

flowers grown by Tulsa County Master Gardners

flowers grown by Tulsa County Master Gardners

download here

I’m out of the Designer Darling competition so I finally have time to scrapbook again this month!

created with Ponytails Design Love Me Do kit and Build A Memory challenge template

created with Ponytails Design Love Me Do kit and Build A Memory challenge template

Visit STS and you can get this template for the template challenge. The kit is the Free with purchase for Feb 15-28 or on sale for a deal right now.
The blinky on my sidebar links to STS if you are interested

The voting is open now at STS for the Designer Darling Round 2.
Check out the GREAT free minis and many add ons and vote for your favorites.

We were given two pictures and had to come up with our own color pallet and theme so this week there is already quite a bit of variety. Here’s my mini

My week 2 submission.

My week 2 submission.

And my extras for you

Extras for week 2

Extras for week 2

download here

I updated the link for my round 1 with both the mini and extras in one file if you missed them last week, just scroll down.

Love is in the air, and you want to shout it from the rooftops! Inspired from the Beatles song of the same name, this sweet mini kit, Love Me Do, is sweet, simple, and to the point. It’s just the thing to scrap all sorts of love-y photos. Who do you love most? With a red, soft peachy pink, and fresh, crisp, green color palette, you’ll be able to scrap a variety of pages that celebrate all kinds of love. So please…. Love Me Do!

Love Me Do is on sale at 30% off for the first week …OR… you can get it for FREE when you spend $4.99 or more at Stuff to Scrap. Love Me Do will be the store free with purchase kit for the next two weeks.



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Have a great day!