P52 and editable quickpage oh my!

What a wonderful surprise. I’m working on P52 this year and just found out that Ponytails Design is also. AND she’s made an ‘editable’ quickpage! I don’t usually do quickpages because I rectangle scrap but this will make it great for me too. What a great surprise for me today!

One of Ponytails Designs’ goals this year is to work on a P52 project, and with that in mind she’s created a new addition to her A Year in the Life series. This will be a monthly project (expect them around mid-month) and it’s a little different from the usual. Basically what you’ll get is everything you need to create your weekly pages, like journal cards and tags, as well as an editable QP and the elements and papers used in that QP. What is an editable QP? Well, it’s like a template, except that you can use the QP as is, or change anything (or everything) you want. Use the things provided in the set, or add in your own elements from your favorite kits. The whole idea is to keep it simple, so you’ll actually do it! (We like simple!) As always, it’s 30% off the first week.

A Year in the Life - January

Here is an example page…

Happy Scrapping!

A Year in the Life January

A Year in the Life January

Available at STS <a href="http://stufftoscrap.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15_230&products_id=8984&zenid=24a372373926f636ff98a9f90e4fa56c&quot; title="A Year in the Life by Ponytails Designs at STS“>

(anyone know how to make a link with just the words?)

  1. You missed out a couple of Your comment should look like this (I added spaces around the so you can see what I did).

    A Year in the Life by Ponytails Designs at STS

    The first part is where you want the link to go. Don’t forget the quote marks and the closing >. The text that follows will be the words that are linked, ie: A Year in the Life… On the other side you need to close the link, so you add in to let the code know that’s the end of the linked text. Again, no spaces between . Make sense?

  2. Geesh… I added spaces and it linked it anyway. I’ll send you an email. lol

  3. Thanks, got the email and it makes perfect sense now!

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