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Speed Scrap @ Stuff to Scrap.

Here’s a chance to get a coupon so you can pick up one of her kits or template packs (or depending on sales maybe more)


I was shocked and thrilled to have one of my pages choosen to be featured on a designers blog. My hubby may not be so thrilled that he was one of the stars of the page but it’s his fault his birthday is in February.
Thank you to Blue Heart Scraps and Amy in particular for finding my page interesting!

I took the A Year in the Life: January by Ponytails and used the editable quickpage. Have to tell you that I LOVED using it. I first had to modify it for my 8×10 (16×10 double) size prefrence. The I had pictures I wanted to use of my boys before and after haircuts so I had to modify the photo placement and replace some of the journal cards with pictures. It ended up looking quite different but really wasn’t very much work because she had clustered the things so nicely and I only needed minor adjustments for my pictures.
I also took advantage of yourfonts dot com special celebration of handwriting day to get my olderboys to create fonts with their actual handwriting…with marker so not perfect but still theirs. I also made a couple fonts and tried one for my journaling on the page.
I’m really happy with how it turned out and wanted to share.
Her kit is still on sale if you are interested in trying out an editable quickpage
A Year in the Life - January

What a wonderful surprise. I’m working on P52 this year and just found out that Ponytails Design is also. AND she’s made an ‘editable’ quickpage! I don’t usually do quickpages because I rectangle scrap but this will make it great for me too. What a great surprise for me today!

One of Ponytails Designs’ goals this year is to work on a P52 project, and with that in mind she’s created a new addition to her A Year in the Life series. This will be a monthly project (expect them around mid-month) and it’s a little different from the usual. Basically what you’ll get is everything you need to create your weekly pages, like journal cards and tags, as well as an editable QP and the elements and papers used in that QP. What is an editable QP? Well, it’s like a template, except that you can use the QP as is, or change anything (or everything) you want. Use the things provided in the set, or add in your own elements from your favorite kits. The whole idea is to keep it simple, so you’ll actually do it! (We like simple!) As always, it’s 30% off the first week.

A Year in the Life - January

Here is an example page…

Happy Scrapping!

A Year in the Life January

A Year in the Life January

Available at STS <a href="; title="A Year in the Life by Ponytails Designs at STS“>

(anyone know how to make a link with just the words?)

You know who you are… you’re the parent who snaps photos of everything! When your kid does something cute… SNAP! When your kid gets into mischief… SNAP! There’s always a camera handy for capturing the moment. There are photo ops in every situation, and Mamarazzi Moments is perfect for scrapping them. With 92 unique elements ranging from cameras to chalkboard doodles, plus 25 papers and 2 full alphas, you’ll find everything here you need to preserve those memories. Show off some of those photos you’re always snapping! And it’s 30% off the first week!
Mamarazzi Momentsponytails_mamarazzi_papersponytails_mamarazzi_alpha
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Here’s a look at some gorgeousness from the CT…
This first is from Wendy, who used a template from Templatopia Vol.1
And from Ann, who used a template from Temptations 12 by Wendy Tunison Designs
ann1 (WT temp12)
Aren’t those wonderful?
Now here’s the best part! You can pick up a couple of freebies from Ponytails Designs…
The first is on the Ponytails Facebook page. It’s an add-on/tutorial with some extra chalkboard doodles and papers for you.
And the second is available on her blog. Just click HERE to go to her page.
Enjoy all the goodies!